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    The December Community of Practice for Extra-Dependent Teams is on 1st Dec at 0900-1000 UK. If you're not already signed up to receive notifications, you can do so here.

  • This forum allows everyone to share their experiences or ask for guidance or help from others. This is a space to learn together, with each other, from each other, for each other.

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    Teaming typically focuses on the why, the what and the how of being in a single team. But all of us are in multiple teams. What are the tensions of being in such teams - the tensions the divide us and the tensions that bond us? What choices do we have and which do we tend do take? What do we need to realise for us to thrive in all the teams we contribute to? Is there are place where being in one team enhances our contribution to being in another team?

    We'll discuss all this at the Community of Practice today - 1st December. Please post here your reflections and additional contributions to continue the discussion.

  • Use this forum when you have used resources from Organisational Coaching Hub. What resources did you use?What value did you gain? How did you apply your learning? What would you advise others when using the resource. What would you ask of Organisational Coaching Hub to help you further?

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    Dynamics within Extra-Dependent Teams revolve around similarity and learning. The Learning Layers and Trajectories of Communities of Practice provides a fantastic insight into how people relate to each other and what this means for how they interact and how they can learn together. Here is a 10 min video.

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    Hi, I've got an issue with my team. Could I discuss it directly with someone in OCH? I'd welcome it. Thanks.